Friday, August 14, 2009

Pink Fuel Raine…Review

A weeks holiday at a cottage is a wonderful thing….Peace and quiet, sitting on the dock in the morning with a cuppa tea, campfires, no phone (don’t laugh I do not own a cellphone) no ‘puter, utter silence at night (Ok so, images of horror movies running through my head for the first night..). MMmmmmm, ok so now back to reality… I first took notice of Pink Fuel Skins at the HarajukuBox Skin fair a while ago, intending to take a shot over there to demo the new line called Raine. When I did, I was impressed, especially with the makeups. After buying a skin and wearing it around, Mochi Milena was kind enough to send me her skins to review.

PF Raine LG

I am wearing clothes and shoes from a lovely store called Little Girl. A store that I have been trying to track down for a while, as it doesn’t show up in search. It sells clothes, pets, shoes, skins and other sundries with a modern and traditional oriental flavour.


Raine comes in 5 tones; Cream, Almond, Honey, Chai and Toffee. The skins are quite fair and I am wearing Starlett makeup. A note about the hairs. When deciding which hair to buy for this shoot I wanted hair that comes in a mixed colour pack. So many hairs come packed in Blondes or other colours, and I didn’t want to buy a fatpack. Tiny Bird and Raspberry Aristocrat are wonderful in that the hair is great and comes in mixed packs.


There is such a range of Make-ups, I included only 10 of the 21, but they’re all lovely. The skin fit me right from the box, no tweaking, all the features suited right away. This skin can go with a variety of looks like Neko, Grunge, Retro, Fashinista, Emo, Lolita, Kawaii and cute. Clockwise from figure; Untamed, Starlett, Vivi, Afterparty, Astronaut, Classic, Dolly Tears Pink, Scene, Liquid Sugar and Pinksie.


I was so taken with the make-ups that I almost forgot to look at the skin, which would be a mistake because I like the overall quality and understated shading, I could see areas that seem photosourced as well as hand drawn, but all the parts fit together nicely. Every skin comes with light or dark eyebrows and freckles. A single skin is 750L, a set is 2800L (5 or 6 Make-ups) and a full fatpack is 8000L (21 Make-ups). There are also several shapes for sale, Mochi also sells some interesting toys, avatars (and tinies) “Yeti”, Bears, toys, Shoulder pets, Poses, mouth candy and backpacks. The store also has a Lucky Chair, while I was writing this I won Angel and Devil Panda’s!

Credits: All skin Pink Fuel Raine, Eyes Exodi Vetro Hazel, Hairs Tiny Bird Lola Dakota Pack and Raspberry Aristocrat Adora Faves pack, Outfit from LittleGirl cute Doll Shoes wood, Modern Design Dress Police & Black Hat, and Maitreya Slouch socks. Poses used were Persona Nude, ++Desire++, YuiYui and Lap.

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