Tuesday, August 25, 2009


How long it is I have wandered ?..I do not know. And my memory of things are fuzzy. There was a party, that is clear and I remembered dancing with a tall dark stranger. It all comes back like a dream. Like a tune once heard but not entirely forgotten. That is this building? It looks familiar but strange and I am cold, oh so cold. A cold I cannot shake. I will enter here, it looks warm and inviting.

Hope Gothicfear10_001b

The dark is not frightening to me, I can see very well and the candles are far too bright for my sensitive eyes. My lips have a taste and something is dripping down my chin. I wipe away blood, odd that is, just odd. I remember waking up in a cold dark place and I was alone, the rats didn’t even come near me. The way that led me out was full of nightmares. I was hungry oh so hungry. I cannot even say what I did or how long I hungered before I had my fill. What is this place? I cannot remember, I used to come here not long ago. I was so young then. I do remember I always felt safe here. I am starting to see things, the dark is turning to shadows.

Hope Gothicfear3b

I am tired, tired of the hunger, tired of the fear and the cold. I must rest here, but there is something I have forgotten, he told me something about the light. Ah what was it, I feel so tired. My energy is draining away. It seems so long since I saw the sun. I must get a look through these church windows, that’s it! It’s a church.I am fading..I can feel it now and the memories are returning. I have lived like this for..how long? Long enough that my family has turned to dust as I shall soon be. I am dying…ah that’s a joke, I am already dead.

Hope Gothicfear23b

Tuli Asturias has added some gorgeous new Gothic make-ups to her Hope line. I love when a classy skin like Hope adds some new possibilities for use within SL. Below are just some of them….


Credits: Skin Tuli Hope Goth (10 Make-ups available with PU option), Outfit Crimson Shadow Corset n’ Feathers Dress Set (Although this outfit is NLA I still wanted to show it to you..), Eyes Hoot Halftone, Hair Joli Femme Stephanie Darker Blacks (comes with hair mesh to cover bald spots..). Pics shot @ Fat Tuesday@New Orleans.

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