Monday, August 24, 2009

The Swimsuit Edition…

A Canadian summer is something of an oxymoron… But our short summer does have its moments of sweetness. Here are some of my favourite Bathing Suits snagged over the summer and I’d better show them to you before I have to pull out my snow shovel and Toques!!


A lovely suit from Boom and what better way to show off the mmmm’ cleavage supplied by League? Shot at Coco’s Island.


When I was 9 my parents flew us all to England and Ireland to meet the relatives and see the sights. I remember Brighton pier and hiding behind windbreaks trying to get a tan. Suit by DP YumYum.


When I was older I went to Maine. It was the year Jaws came out in the theaters and I remember reading the book. No one wanted to go in the water. Love the Artillieri suit and glasses. Shoes and toes by SLink. Hair was a freebie by Junwave. Shot at Amity Island.


When January and February rear their ugly heads, I want to be Here. This combo reminded me of the Disco – Early Eighties (Dallas) era. The Suit is from Thimbles.


And where does a Cyberchick sunbather get her little self to? Well home of course and I’m not tellin’ you where that is.. Suit and clothes from Aoharu.

Credits: Eyes by Exodi, Gracile and Hoot.

Pic1-Skin League Misty Pale Classic Blond Bald, Suit Boom Wild Girl II, Hair Truth Linda Tahiti, Ng White&Black flipflops, Eyes Exodi Vetro*.

Pic2-Skin My Ugly Dorothy mama’s Lipstick, Suit DP YumYum Candy Bikini Pink, ThuperThoaker Boutique of Oddness, Surf Couture Freedom Flops, Hair Junwave Delia Gold, Bandaids by Reek, *.

Pic3-Skin Boutique Parfait (Fleur NLA) 5th&Oxford, Suit Artilleri Jeanette Red/White, Glasses Artilleri Onyxia White, Shoes SLink L’Amour Platforms red, Tattoo Artilleri Maggie, Hair Junwave Vivi red (free) *.

Pic4-Skin Cupcakes Enchanted Sienna Ruby F, Suit Thimbles 1983 Calling, Shoes Sakka’s Studio Gladiator Wedge Beige, Eyes Gracile Illuminati Gold, Jewellery Chuculet Bracelet Gold, Nose Ring DSN Manadrop, Bangles Nomine Gypsy, Hair Truth Gogo Seaspray, Tatts Coll Double Dragon.

Pic5-Skin GP Curio Petal Doe, Outfit Aoharu Spangle simple Swimsuit Blk, French Sleeve Denim Jacket Blk, Denim Shorts Blk, Hair Magika Fly Brown, Tatts Huz Henna2, Boots Shiny Things Ving Blk, Gloves Pididdle, Earrings Miel Sol (50LFridays) Sn@tch Dirty Biker Arm Cuff, Eyes by Hoot.

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