Wednesday, July 8, 2009



When I first took a look at this skin along with the other new generation of Blowpop skins it probably grabbed my attention a little less than the others. That’s because I was wearing it with my usual fair hairs and clothing. I started looking at hairs and clothes to match this skin and realized that it needed big bold colours and style. It goes really well with dark hair and as I have used here, strong reds. This is a firey attention grabbing skin which suits an avatar with a strong personality.


A medium tanned skin Carmen comes in four tones.


The make-ups are bold with 6 different eye and lip combinations and each comes with 2 lip options. B Tone-Bare2, Ay Candela2, Clavel Rosa2, La Mosca Azul2, Hipnotico2, La Cereza2.

Carmen fuzzy

While searching my inventory for clothing to match the skin I came up short….So in reviewing stores I wanted to visit I came up with the unlikely name “Rotton Toe”. As I like weird names and store concepts I teleported over there only to find exactly what I was looking for and these great shoes by Shadenfreude topped off the look perfectly. The hair from House of Munster, which is one of my faves from the fair, is one of the few which would fit with the collar of the top.

Credits: Eyes Exodi Vetro Blk, Rotten Toe! Formal Ringmaster Pants, Infected Satin Shirt Red, Shoes Shadenfreude Dark Red Lucent Bow Heels, House of Munster Axel Reds, Candy Nail Black Evolution, Tattoo Luce FrontKiku/Back Butterfly, Choker Silk and Satin Darkness (DSN)

Pics were shot at Forbidden Thorn (this Sim seems to be down..) and Drowsy Sim, (which I of course couldn’t visit without buying somethin’). Poses from Rel Expression and me.

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