Saturday, July 11, 2009



Last but not least, in the series of new Blowpop skins by Annyka Bekkers is Maya. I have tried in all these reviews to capture something of the spirit of these skins with clothes and hair,while keeping my own shape and find a look that I was comfortable with.


Like the others, Maya comes in four tones. My Fave was the third.

Maya Make upsb

This is the third tone and the make-ups are available with 2 lip options. Maya C Tone Bare2, Au Contraire2, Mink2, Van Bean2, Grenadine2 and Queen of the Night2.


While shooting Carmen in Drowsy sim, I came across a store that I realized had the perfect clothes for what I wanted for Maya , Kurotsubaki. As well I bought the Hat and Hair there. I wanted to capture something of the comfort and casualness of summer clothes. Cotton, bright colours and a Hat to protect me from the sun. Scrunchy Socks and flat shoes I found courtesy of Beanie Canning’s blog, Beanie Loves Japan.

Credits: Eyes Exodi Twilight Bella, Hair and Hat (+earrings) Kurotsubaki Mugiwara, Clothes Kurotsubaki Old Clothes Skirt Green, Tunic Yellow, Scarf Pretties by JB Marms Spring Scarf Orange Sorbet and Bangles, Socks Sen*2, Shoes Sakka’s Studio Strap Sabo Sandals, Tatoo Aphrodisia from The Garden of Ku (GoK). Pics Shot at Feast and Aught. Poses from Flowey and Oyakinbo.

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