Monday, July 20, 2009

Heading to the beach….


I am a beach bum. There is nothing I like better than a day or week spent messing around on a beach. Packing for a beach excursion is another story. Between one towel and packing ones whole house is the challenge. I have taken holidays with family members who could not pack light. No word of a lie, this is what they physically transported from cottage down 2 stair carries, across rocky shore; wagon packed with 2 coolers, 6 chairs, bags packed with toys, games, food, towels, sunscreen, blankets, 2 umbrellas, dog, bikes, cooler containing every drink known to man, huge lunch and every known condiment. After lugging all this stuff to the beach, an operation requiring half a day, we would arrive, the sun would disappear behind a cloud, it would begin raining and we would have to drag all that paraphernalia back up to the cottage. And the cottage was so close as to make most of that effort unnecessary.


So aside from family vacations which resemble a John Candy movie or Nation Lampoon Vacation, this is what I pack for a day at the beach; 1 Bag for carrying it all, Sunscreen, Sunglasses,Hat, Book, Magazine (neither of which I’ll really read) drinks, Towel and Beachmat, maybe snacks or small lunch (don’t forget the bikini and camera..). Of Course if I am not close to home (or cottage, or Hotel) then I’ll revert to John Candy mode. But really, the whole point is to get to the beach, ASAP, and if I’m lucky I’ll find a nice Tiki bar nearby which serves great food and has a happy hour…


Credits: Skin Blowpop Elizabeth ToneC Granny Smith2, Hair @Waffles! Miucha, Outfit from Sand Shack Surf Co. Racerback Striped Tank, Rolled Denim Shorts, Freedom Flops, Funnel Cake Shades, Beach Bag from Ibizarre (with animation), Jewellery from DM Designs Jewellery Gems n Roses. Pics Shot at RFL Spirit.

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