Thursday, July 9, 2009



I honestly don’t know what to call this style….Circus Lolly? When I read about the closing of Crimson Shadow, I was sad I must admit but my ears perked up when I heard the word sale and they perked up again when I heard that Carnival of Doom was also having a sale. 50 L for dresses. Each of these pieces were 50L..


I knew I would have to find the perfect location to shoot pics of this outfit or I would end up looking perfectly ridiculous so I returned to a sim I have photographed before, Crucible. This amazing build has many odd corners and out of the way places to explore.


I had lots of fun playing around with the windlight settings. Shoot me, I had to use a facelamp…(only on this shot though.)


These great boots are from Sn@tch because everyone needs at least one pair of killer stompers. I managed to pick up a number of Dresses, a Corset Thingy and an Evil Avatar…

Credits: Skin-Curio June Doe, Eyes Exodi Vetro Blood, Sn@tch Gooshers, Hair Shadenfreude Black Witch Nekomi, Leggings Truth Xanadu Silver, Socks Mia Snow Broken Heart Garter Stockings (part of Broken Heart outfit) Earring RinRin Rin Cafe&Shop (F), Earthstones Spider Lip Ring, Outfit- Carnival of Doom Blood Bigtop Tanktop, Tutu and Lingerie, Ruff and Cuffs.


Julia Soothsayer said...

Hi Shelby, I really enjoyed reading your blog!Thank you so much, those are three of my 5 children. I can't get my 13 year old girls in pictures as easily as the others. RL has been so hard lately - well since 2007 and I have hopes for a happier future! It helps to talk about it on my blog and to my friends and followers once in a while! Thank you for your support and keep up the good work on your fashion blog!

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Your welcome! I have a couple of teens...lovely things!!