Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Normally when a new skin comes into my life I walk around the grid for a couple of days to get a feel for it. I tweak the face to fit the skin better and try to get a feel for the personality and how this skin fits with my Avie. “Enchanted” is the new skin from Cupcakes and at first glance has much in common with Seduction, another Cupcakes skin. I remember Seduction's lips primarily and these lips are still large and beautiful. I found my Avie had a sad look to her so the lips got smaller and corners turned up a little more than usual. She had something of a classic beauty look to her which is fine though I like my blonds to have an edge. I was running around shopping…(so many sales!!) when I spied this dress from A-Bomb and with the shoes..I realized all it needed was some funky hair and I’d have an 80’s Debbie Harry feel.


The body has some nice shading and its understated, soft with a lovely belly. There are areas across the body where the tone is a little uneven but could be interpreted as light tanlines. The face is especially well shaded with contouring around the cheeks, lips and eyes. I have shown the freckled versions as I love the texturing, freckles are lightly sprinkled around the body.


The skin comes in four tones; Cream, Apricot, Sienna, Sepia, and Cioccolato. All my pics are with the Sienna Tone, a light tan.


There are 11 Make-ups which run the gamut from Bare to Ruby. Eye make-ups are pretty, and lips range from very glossy to matte. Left side; Bare Freckles, Berry Freckles, Fairy Freckles, Glamorous Freckles, Golden Freckles. Right Side; Midnight Freckles, Natural Freckles, Princess freckles, Ruby Freckles, Smokey Freckles. (I left out Midori Freckles, oops!) This picture doesn’t do justice to the gorgeous eyes and lips, it is well worth demoing just to see them. Individual skins are 1000L with fatpacks going at 5000L. Poses are from Flowey, who is having a 50% sale this week and I found the Mike and animation (Falta’s Animation) for free in the sim where I took the pictures, Sinners Heaven. The Hair is from Truth and the shoes from A-Bomb as well, are texture change which makes them pretty versatile.


Credits; Outfit 1-Skin-Cupcakes Enchanted/Sienna, Eyes-Exodi Vetro Eyes Blue, Outfit-A Bomb Little Lisa Dress, Fukmi Shoes, Jewellery Violet Voltaire Creepy Crawly Cuppycake, Hair-Truth Grazia Mirage. Outfit 2-Skirt Tuli denim miniskirt pink, !lux! Pink Band Aids Luxicous Main Store, Flipflops Sand Shack Surf Co. Freedom flops pink. Poses from Flowey (Bottom pose is a blogger gift from Vposes.)

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