Thursday, July 30, 2009

This ‘n that……


This summer might be remembered at my house as the one that never was. The fickleness of the weather and family commitments have resulted in a gradual piling up of outfits waiting to be blogged. Rather that dedicate a post for each I have decided to show you a few of my favourites.


I acquire clothing in SL in various ways. I love to shop, so I am constantly exploring new areas. I go to sales and will often wait for a sale and then go crazy picking up items that are faves. Fairs are also a good way of seeing and buying new products. (Like the hair fair and skin fairs). DSN can be a valuable approach to seeing samples of designers wares. Belonging to the maximum number of groups, I do belong to a few which are fairly generous to group members. These tend to be some of my favourite designers as well. Subscribo’s ….I join a ton. When it comes to soliciting review items, I do mostly with skins. This is because in the case of skin reviews you really need a few of the skins, in a few tones to properly show them and discuss them. That doesn’t mean that the occasional review item doesn’t come my way. It is always interesting to look at an item with fresh eyes. Sometimes I will come across an item randomly in a Japanese sim, or one I’m shooting pics in not having any idea where it will turn up in a blog or I might look specifically for piece that will match a theme I’m working on. All that said my inventory is starting to look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon and I need a front-end loader to find anything…..

Credits: (It is Long)

Pic1-Skins-5th&Oxford Audrey English Rose Med (Group Gift), Exodi Shiloh Honey Coconut(Callie Cline Flawless Lashes), Blowpop Ava Almost Blue2 Tone 2, Sin Skins Light Drow Skin7 (Sale), Otaka Designs Tattoo Azteca (DSN) Upper Body. Hair- Foam The Lioness, Sari’s Hipie-dee-doo-Dreads Brown, (fd) Dorothy’s Day Earth, 0 Style Sheila Yummy, Shoes-SLink Claire Wedge Chocolate, Sakka’s Studio WedgeSole Gladiator, Magi Take Chucker Sneaker, L&E Travellor Boots. Jewellery-Bleinsen + Maitai Necklace Sleeping Flower (SCD), Exodi AnaLu Set, !Rt (Rotton Toe) Tamagotchi, Retro Plastic Watch and Bracelets (Earrings Heart Container Violet Voltaire), Mono Green Rusted Choker&Bracelets, HOC Aviator Style Glasses. Outfits- Naive Stacie, Milk Motion Cut out Pants, *DP* Belt Bangle Set, Exodi Harlow Daywear Mocha Forest, Truth Zanadu leggings Brown, Pink Outfitters Main Street Swing Jacket&Tee, A02 Painters Dystroyed Denim Pants, Socks Vinyl Cafe, Belt SD Wears Awaken Belt Silver, Denim Vest and Grafitti Jeans Fashionably Dead.

Pic2-Skins-Ugly Dorothy Mama’s Lipstick (Harajuku Skin Fair)Candy Nails Black , Curio Petal Beach Osprey2 , Le Pinceau Loreena Light, Fashionably Dead Salvation Army Song Bird Skin. Hair-Gritty Kitty, Faders Blond, Lamb Baby’s on Fire Butter, Analog Dog Bex Dark, Curious Kitties Nanotech Graphith, Shoes- *UN* Death Dolly Goth Mary Jane, She’s So Unusual Shoes Tri Rose T straps, Magi Take Chuckers, Sakka’s Studio Cream Strap Sabo Sandals. Jewellery- Hair Rose *+.RP.+*chain cross, Cad&Tart Fleur de Lis Collar, PD Celtic Cross wristbands, Cuffs, Milk Motion My huge Necklace, Psyche Glow Bracelets, Fashionably Dead Necklace, Fear&Loathing Leather Bracelets, Cuffs. Outfits-Pididdle Pitseleh Pencil Dress grey, !Lux White Star Stockings, {Boutique} Georgiana Dress, Sh*t Happens Stirrup Pants Mariya, T-Shirt Navy Skull Shit Happens (10L) Shorts S&S Sailor Shortie Blue, (PO) Shiny Thread Belt Fashionably Dead, Boy friend Socks WWII, T-Shirt Drowsy no15, Shorts Anuenue Loose half Pants green, Socks Sen2.

Note: I’ll apologize now for not providing SLURLS for all these items. In the spirit of Mashups everywhere I chose not to be constrained by limited options and show the looks I like, which mean that there are at least 50 stores. I’ll be happy to help you find any of these items inworld or on my Comments if there is any difficulty. I also used a whole slew of Poses from various sources , ++Desire++, Oyakinbo, {Flowey}, Dare, Cyanide, Pididdle, LAP, Rel Expression, Striking Poses… I try to keep track.


Leah McCullough said...

Thank you so much for blogging the Stacie dress! I'm glad you like it!!



Shelby Rasmuson said...

You're very welcome!